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Imagine a high-tech app that becomes the central nervous system of your smart home. That's precisely what the Resideo - Smart Home App is. With this innovative app, you gain a convenient, one-stop hub for managing every smart device in your home. Picture this: adjusting your home's temperature, toggling the lights, activating security systems, and more, all from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Available for both iOS and Android devices, you can easily download this cutting-edge app from your respective app store. Say hello to a new dimension of convenience, control, and comfort for your smart home, thanks to the Resideo - Smart Home App.

Features of Resideo - Smart Home App

- Centralized Control: Manage all your smart home devices from one hub.
- Real-Time Alerts: Receive immediate notifications for any changes in your home's conditions.
- Multi-User Support: Allows every family member to participate in managing the home systems.
- Compatible with both iOS and Android devices: Accessibility across all platforms.
- Supports a wide range of smart devices: Broadens its reach for smart home management.
- Prompt alert system: Ensures quick action for any mishaps.
- Ease of setup: User-friendly interface that simplifies the addition of new devices.
- Remote access: Control your home systems from anywhere, at any time.

Pros and Cons of Resideo - Smart Home App

- Centralized control of smart home devices for streamlined management.
- Real-time alerts for immediate awareness of home changes.
- Multi-user support promotes household participation.
- Broad compatibility with iOS, Android, and various smart devices.
- Remote access gives control from anywhere, anytime.
- Some users report difficulty in setting up certain devices.
- Occasional app glitches reported.
- Updates may temporarily disrupt regular usage.
- Limited compatibility with some less common smart home brands.
- Some users find the alert system to be overly sensitive.

Functions of Resideo - Smart Home App

- Temperature Management: Control your smart thermostats for optimal comfort.
- Lighting Control: Adjust brightness or switch lights on/off remotely.
- Security Management: Monitor and manage your security systems and cameras.
- Energy Usage Tracking: Monitor and manage energy consumption.
- Device Integration: Seamlessly integrate various smart devices for centralized control.
- Real-Time Notifications: Stay updated on your home's conditions with instant alerts.
- Remote Access: Control your home from anywhere, anytime.
- Family Sharing: Give access to family members to help manage smart devices.

How to Use the Resideo - Smart Home App

- Download the Resideo - Smart Home App from your device's app store.
- Set up an account and connect your smart home devices.
- Navigate through the app to control various systems like temperature, lighting, and security.
- Customize settings and alert preferences.
- Use the app's real-time notifications to stay updated.
- Enable remote access to control your home from anywhere.
- Share access with family members for a collaborative home management.   


User comments


The convenience of a smart device is the only reason why I gave this app a star. Otherwise it's a terrible run app. You change the temperature or turn off the system, but it keeps on running!! So you have to change it by hand. What's the point of this poorly run app if I'm doing it by hand the every time. Defeats the purpose. I wish tech developers cared more and put in more effort. Our tech world wouldn't suck so bad."


The app keeps asking me to set up features every time I open it, no matter what option I choose (including Don't Ask Again) it asks me the next time, and the next time, and the next time... This started in recent months. I already have a schedule set up for the thermostat and everything. The "support" page is an endless loop with nothing helpful and I see no way to contact anyone."


Before this app was resideo, it worked well. Don't know what came with the name change, but after that happened, the app became pretty horrible. Since the name change every time I open the APP, it goes right into saying "lets set up your new thermostat." If i close that out and go to change something, it won't work cause it thinks the thermostat hasn't been set up even though i have had the same one for 2 years now, I've had to redo that at least a dozen times. Resideo needs to fix their app."

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